Club Rules
You must be over 21years of age to attend parties at The Meeting Place.

While the staff does their best to enforce these few simple rules. This is your club and the volunteer staff
can't be everywhere. Please be adult with open heart  when problems arise.  If you see someone
breaking a rule or you personally have a problem, let one of us know so we can handle it
*****No Social Media sharing******
1. No means NO! This applies to either gender at any point in any situation. If you are feeling
uncomfortable in any situation, a no thank you should be sufficient. You should ask permission before
touching anyone. This also means if someone is sleeping you leave them alone.

No illegal drugs are to be brought on the premises,WE are 420 friendly (Marijuana is Legal in the
STATE of MICHIGAN) in garage and back porch!!!
This includes the parking lot. If you are caught, you will be asked to leave and not return.

No prostitution allowed.  If your caught you will also be asked to leave and not return.  

You must present your membership card at the door every time you come for a party. Not
having your membership card will result in you having to purchase a new membership at the full
membership rate. Your Membership card is your receipt that your membership fees are paid.

No cameras of any kind including camera phones, video or recording equipment permitted
in the building Please leave them in the car. We allow you to leave the building and come back in if
necessary to check a phone, so make sure all camera phones stay in your car.

No smoking, eating, drinking or street clothes allowed upstairs or the hot tub area. This is for
the safety and comfort of all TMP guests. Leave cigarettes and lighters in your locker before going to
play on the second floor.

No cigars, scented cigarettes, or pipe smoking of any kind in the club.  If you wish to smoke
those please step outside on the back deck.

No drunk and obnoxious behavior will be tolerated.  If you need to be drunk in order to feel
comfortable our parties aren't for you. Excessive drinking and becoming obnoxious will get you
escorted to sleep or asked to leave if appropriate drive is available.  If this is a constant problem you
will be banned.

Do NOT leave messes.  We are adults and treat your club like your home.  Squirter use pads, your
male counterparts are also responsible to respect property.  Deposit condoms/wrappers in waste

No Voyeurs or Loitering in front of Semi-Private/Roped Rooms.  We are trying to provide choices
to the best of our abilities.   Please reserve these rooms for such choice of having as close to private
rooms that TMP will provide.  There will never be doors at TMP, if this is what you are looking for there
are close hotels.  A quick look in if trying to find other half of your couple.  If you are looking to watch or
be watch, masturbation, orgy, or the like your best choice of rooms are on the 3rd floor Orgy Room,
Long Room or Bunk Room.  No Sleeping till after 2 AM so others can have opportunity in these rooms.

***Breaking the rules will either get you a warning or you will be asked to leave. This is up to the
judgment of the staff. Continuous disregard for the rules will terminate your membership for good.
If you are asked to leave or banned from the club, no refunds on membership or party fees will be given.
If you are having a problem with anyone at the club at any time please see a staff member.. We are  
more than happy to help in any situation. If you don't tell someone there is a problem we can't help
correct it.

Some other common sense rules and facts:
Don't take someone else alcohol, only drink what you bring.

Do respect other's personal space. Don't crowd anyone who is upstairs playing.

Do not discuss the club, it's events or it's members outside of the club. You should also not give out the
location to anyone.  Kalamazoo Area!!!         What happens at TMP stays at TMP.

We do allow everyone to spend the night at no extra charge, but be respectful of one another, some
people stay up later than others and some play all night long.  Rooms like the loft, the bunk bed room,
long room  would be the worst places to choose to go to bed early.  These rooms see activity
throughout the night, and after all this is a swing club and noisy sex does take place.
Semi-private/Roped Room should not be used for sleep until after 2 AM so others have the opportunity
to Play in them.  We know sometimes it's hard to sleep for some people with the noises, but really that's
why people come to the club.  Complaining about others having sex late into the night is silly.  There are
local hotels in the area if sleep is needed.  
This is the purpose of our club.

Guys (married and single) be careful about following women around.  Ladies be respectful as well.  This
will not get you anywhere with them, most women will look at you as creepy or a stalker type. Instead
take some time to get to know them downstairs before following them around upstairs. We want
everyone to be as comfortable as possible at TMP.  New people maybe uncomfortable anyway, so
watch for signs that  someone is uncomfortable.  There are plenty of other people that enjoy being