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Club Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • First-Time Visitors:
    • If it's your first visit, please call before arriving. 269-308-9604

    • Reservations for single males are essential. Check availability before attending, especially considering the limit on the number of single males.

    • During the call, we'll provide directions to the club and answer any questions. Please note that directions will not be provided via text or any electronic means.

    • If you're attending as a couple, both partners, especially the lady, must be present during the call.

    • The purpose of the call is to ensure you understand the nature of our club and to familiarize you with our rules

    • We provide small lockers, towels and have multiple shower for your use. 

    • There are condoms supplied in all of the rooms and play areas. 

  • Membership & Entry:
    • IF you are new call 269-308-9604

    • All attendees must purchase a membership. ($60)

    • You must be 21 years of age 

    • This is a sex club, not a BDSM club. Acts such as spanking, using collars with leashes, choking, and whipping are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in a ban. Vibrator and dildo are ok to bring. 

    • Couples must attend together; attending alone is not permitted. For more details, refer to our FAQ.

    • New members are required to complete an information sheet upon arrival and will be given a club tour by one of our host couples.

    • Door open a 8PM and we recommend new members arrive before 10 PM to ensure the tour doesn't disturb others. An additional fee applies after midnight, and no entry is allowed after 2 AM.

    • If you decide to stay overnight, please depart by noon the next day.

    • On week where we have two parties, If you paid for both days Friday you can use the club facilities during the day in between parties. 

  • Club Etiquette:
    • Cell Phones Must Stay In Your Car. No Cellphones Allowed on the Premise. You will be ask to leave or possible be banned.

    • Our club offers a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Engage at your own comfort level, but always seek consent. Ask before touching or watching others.

    • Street clothes are not permitted in the play/bedrooms areas. Please bring a change of attire or feel free to embrace your natural self.   

  • Contact & Queries:
    • For any questions, please refer to our "Contact Us" page for email addresses. We don't respond to emails over the weekend. If you have urgent queries during the weekend, please call the club directly.


  • Everyone pays for a membership, the Annual Membership $60.

  • For regular parties, couples and single males pay $80 (cash only). Special occasions and holidays might have different rates; refer to the 'EVENTS' page.

  • Single females pay $40 for most parties. Special occasions and holidays might have different rates; refer to the 'EVENTS' page.

  • The annual membership fee for single females is $60, which can be divided into four payments of $15.

  • New single males must pay their membership fee in full during their first party. Existing single male members only need to pay the party fee for subsequent parties, provided they have a reservation and haven't canceled it.

  • After midnight another $20 and close doors at 2 AM.

  • Singles who arrive together at the same time may qualify for the couple's admission price. However, purchasing a membership as a couple does not grant either individual the right to attend the club alone or as a single. If one does attend alone, they will be charged for a single's membership. Additionally, if you attend with a different partner, you will be considered a new couple and will need to purchase another couple's membership. For more details, please refer to our FAQ.

Reservations & Directions

  • Calling to confirm RSVP reservations are accepted only on the day of the event after 1PM. Strict adherence to this policy is required; non-compliance might lead to suspension of privileges. 


  • Couples bringing a single individual are accountable for their guest's behavior during the event.

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